For quick reference, we’ve compiled the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.
 What is the application process?
The process is simple.

1. Complete the online application form.
2. Schedule your admissions interview.
3. Monitor your email for admissions decision within 5 days
4. Pay deposit to enroll if you're accepted.
5. Attend new student orientation 21 March.
When is admissions application due?
Deadlines for Spring 2022 admission are as follows:

• March 11, 2022: Spring 2022 deadline for all applicants

Applications that become complete after this deadline are considered by the admissions committee on a “space available basis.”

Interviews are required for all Curry applicants. Once you begin an application, interviews may be scheduled online here at anytime before the application deadline, but we encourage you to book an interview early in the process as slots fill quickly. 

If no interview slots are available in our online system, please email us at admissions@iclaonline.org.
How long is trimester?
The first day of class is March 22, 2022 and ends May 26, 2022. The Ira Curry Leadership Academy trimester last 10 weeks with an additional week for Finals.
What time is class? What if I can't make it?
Class are taught Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00PM (CST) - 8:00PM (CST). All classes are recorded and posted in the student portal to ensure all students can attend class regardless of their schedule. However, success in this class depends on regular and punctual attendance.
Who is courses taught by?
All courses are taught directly by our President and Founder Ira Curry
Where is Ira Curry Leadership Academy located?
We are an online school who serve students all over the United States and the world. The Ira Curry Leadership Academy is registered in Charlotte, NC. 
Can I apply to Ira Curry Leadership Academy more than once?
The Admissions Committee and the faculty at Ira Curry Leadership Academy recognize a maximum of two admissions attempts for each prospective student.
Senior-level applicants may apply for a second time as early as the next admissions cycle opens. 

In this case, the Admissions Committee and faculty would require a new application.
How much is tuition?
For the 2022–23 academic year, tuition is $997.00.
How do I finance my Ira Curry Leadership Academy education?
It is an important part of our commitment to serve the church of Jesus Christ to make Ira Curry Leadership Academy financially feasible for our students. We offer payment plans, low interest loans to assist in covering educational expenses. 
How can I contact Ira Curry Leadership Academy for more information about admissions and financial aid?
When was Ira Curry Leadership Academy founded?
The Ira Curry Leadership Academy was established by our founder and President Ira Curry in 2020. It was Ira’s first academy for the education of entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs leave their 9-5, and the first of its kind school in the United States.
What is the difference between Ira Curry Leadership Academy and other credit repair academy's?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy is an online school dedicated to helping Christian entrepreneurs leave their 9-5. While other business academies provide excellent entrepreneur education, students at Curry are spiritually prepared for entrepreneurship through the Academy’s combination of world-class hands-on training and life together in virtual residential community
What degree programs does Ira Curry Leadership Academy offer?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy offers one degree program:

The following degrees are coming soon:
The Certificate in Business Coaching [Fall 2022]
The Certificate in Business Consulting [Fall 2022]
The Certificate in Group Coaching [Fall 2022]
• The Certificate in Executive Leadership [Spring 2023]
The Certificate in Business Holiness [Spring 2023]

Ira Curry Leadership Academy also offers certificate programs that can be integrated into senior level classes. 
What classes does Ira Curry Leadership Academy offer?
The most current classes, schedules, at Ira Curry Leadership Academy are can be found here 
Does Ira Curry Leadership Academy offer distance learning, evening programs or part time programs?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy serves the entrepreneurial arena through an online virtual experience with a primarily full-time curriculum. This program was created for those who work a day job. The majority of our courses are taught on Zoom between 7:00 p.m. [CST] and 8:00 p.m. [CST] on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All classes are recorded. You may replay class any time.

One of our core commitments is “Creating with God.” The admissions team and the registrar work together to embrace the vocational diversity of Ira Curry Leadership Academy's student body. Therefore, we are opened to discussing the potential of part-time or non-degree status with individual applicants. Additionally, Ira Curry Leadership Academy will soon offer a spectrum of specialized events and certificate programs through the Department of Continuing Education.
What can I do with a degree from Ira Curry Leadership Academy?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy prepares entrepreneurs to serve Jesus Christ in business marked by faith, integrity, love, joy, peace and compassion, equipping them for leadership worldwide in business arena and world, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena. On average, over 20% of Ira Curry Leadership Academy graduates successfully leave their 9-5 before the end of the trimester. 
What housing options does Ira Curry Leadership Academy provide?
The Academy provides a variety of virtual housing options for students. Most Ira Curry Leadership Academy students live in virtual housing. Living on virtual campus provides an opportunity for students to exchange ideas, be challenged, and learn from each other. This is a place where people are kind and love the Lord.

Ira Curry Leadership Academy is unique in that it is enriched by Curry's rich academic, research, and virtual residential community. Located one block from Heaven, Ira Curry Leadership Academy is an ideal place to live and study. 
What recreational facilities and virtual activities does Ira Curry Leadership Academy offer?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy hosts a range of activities, such as Dorm Block Party, Student Retreat, Ezekiel World Tournament, and more. Pay us a visit to learn more.
What is vibe like at Ira Curry Leadership Academy?
Students at Ira Curry Leadership Academy not only learn together but also hangout, play, and grow spiritually together. The Academy community—students, faculty, and staff—gathers in Tennent Hall throughout semester for worship and shares the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

President and Chancellor Ira Curry coaches weekly. The Office of Student Counseling will soon offer counseling, individual and group spiritual direction, virtual spa party, and other wellness services. Students will create accountability and support groups.
How can I get involved in the Ira Curry Leadership Academy community outside of my classes?
Ira Curry Leadership Academy is dedicated to being a residential community of learning where students are formed together for entrepreneurship through class, field education, communal worship and extracurricular activities. 

The Student Government Association hosts a variety of student groups. Email us at studentactivities@iclaonline.org to learn more.
 What is your refund policy?
Because our classes are taught live and available online for the life of the student we cannot offer refunds. This does not affect your consumer rights.
 I just applied, but have not received an email yet?
You should have your email within 5 minutes. The email will be from admissions@iclaonline.org. Make sure you check your promotions and junk folders within your email account. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, please whitelist us and add our email to your contact list so that all emails go directly into your inbox. That way you’ll never miss any admission updates or news!
 What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?
Let's talk about it. Schedule a call with us here.
 What must I do NOW?
Few simple steps:

1. Complete the online application 
2. Schedule your admissions interview.
3. Monitor your email for admissions decision within 5 days
4. Pay deposit to enroll if you're accepted.

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